Line Man Movie Review: A Story About Finding Hope

Line Man is a simple movie. It tells a story about life and hope.

Directed by: Raghu Shastry
Starring: Thrigun, B Jayashree, Harini Shreekanth, Samarth Narsimraju, Sujay Shastry

In this movie, directed by Raghu Shastry, we visit a happy village where people live together. Natesha, also known as Nata (played by Thrigun), works to bring electricity to this village. But one day, he has to make a tough decision: should he give electricity for a big celebration or not?

This movie is more than just about electricity. It’s about life’s ups and downs. It uses four simple eggs to show us how life can be strong yet fragile. It also talks about how we sometimes love our phones and computers too much, forgetting about the real world.

Line Man teaches us to value human connections more than technology. But some actors in the movie don’t make us feel as much as they could. B Jayashree, a great actress, doesn’t get to shine as brightly as she should.

In the end, Line Man is a movie that makes us think about life and how we live it. It’s more than just a movie; it’s a lesson that sticks with you.

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