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Gullak Season 4 Review : Gullak returns for its fourth season, continuing to tell the heartwarming and authentic story of the Mishra family. Created by Shreyansh Pandey, this season dives deeper into the lives of Santosh, Shanti, Annu, and Aman. It keeps the charm that has made the series popular while adding new layers of growth and complexity.

Plot and Character Development Of Gullak

In Gullak Season 4, the focus shifts to the challenges of growing up and the changing dynamics within the Mishra family. Parents Santosh and Shanti adapt to their sons growing into adults. Annu’s new maturity helps guide his younger brother Aman, who is facing the uncertainties of becoming an adult.

Gullak Season 4 stands out for its authenticity and attention to detail. The series does a great job capturing everyday family life, from simple conversations to small acts of love and support. This season highlights character development, with Annu’s growth adding depth to his character, while Aman’s struggles reflect what many young adults face today.
Rating :- 3.5/5
For more details, you can check out the Gullak IMDb page.

Performances In Gullak

On Gullak Season 4 cast gives excellent performances. The actors play their roles so well that viewers feel like they are part of the Mishra family. Their emotional depth makes the characters’ journeys relatable and engaging.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Gullak

One of the best parts of Gullak Season 4 is how it explores universal themes like love, loss, and personal growth. The show stays grounded in reality, showing these themes through the lens of a middle-class Indian family. This makes the series relatable to a wide audience, offering insights into common experiences.

However, Season 4 has some shortcomings. The season feels like a transitional phase, missing the clear narrative arcs of earlier seasons. Some storylines are left unresolved, which might leave viewers wanting more closure. Also, new characters and subplots, like Helly Shah’s cameo, feel unnecessary and distract from the main themes of the show.

Conclusion Of Gullak Season 4

Despite these minor flaws, Gullak Season 4 is a delightful and engaging watch. The series continues to offer a touching portrayal of family life and the journey to adulthood, with relatable characters and genuine storytelling. The humor and warmth that define Gullak are ever-present, ensuring the series retains its charm.

As we look forward to the next chapter in the Mishra family’s story, Season 4 reminds us of the enduring power of family bonds. Gullak continues to captivate audiences, offering a heartfelt glimpse into the beauty of everyday life and the strength found in familial love.
You can watch Gullak Season 4 on SonyLIV.
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