” Premalu ” Movie Review And Rating – A Feel Good Flick with Stellar Performances

Rating 3.75/5

Premalu is a movie that brings lots of smiles and good times. It’s perfect for watching with friends and family because it’s fun, well-made, and has some pretty good acting, songs, and camera work.

The Good:

The main actors, along with the bad guy (played by Shyam), are really great. They make the movie enjoyable to watch. Shyam, especially, steals the show with his performance. The camera work and how the story unfolds are well done. It introduces Hyderabad to people who might not know much about it, similar to how “Bangalore Days” did for Bangalore. The songs and background music are catchy and fit the mood of the movie. Sometimes the background music can be a bit too much, but overall it’s good. The script and the way the characters talk feel natural and down-to-earth. Especially the scenes about office politics and tech talk feel real.

The Bad:

The movie could have been shorter. Some scenes drag on a bit, and cutting them would make the movie better. The ending feels rushed and unrealistic compared to the rest of the movie. It doesn’t fit well with the otherwise relatable story.

Actor Performances:

The main actors They make the movie enjoyable to watch, especially Shyam with his standout performance.


“Premalu” is a simple and fun movie that brings a lot of laughs. While it could be shorter and the ending feels rushed, the performances and the overall vibe make it worth watching. So, if you’re looking for a light-hearted movie to enjoy with your loved ones, “Premalu” is a good choice.

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