Dharma Daiva Review : A Refreshing Tulu Movie Experience

Dharma Daiva Movie Review :- 3.5/5

Dharma Daiva” is a well-made Tulu movie that breaks away from the comedy-dominated trend in the industry. With its rich cultural narrative, stunning visuals, and strong performances, it stands out as a significant contribution to Tulu cinema. The film balances serious storytelling with much-needed comedy, making it a well-rounded cinematic experience. This movie is a promising start for the future of Tulu films and a must-watch for those interested in tulu cinema.


“Dharma Daiva” tells the story of farmers in Tulunadu, showing their way of life and strong bond with local spirits and gods. The movie includes traditional rituals like Nema, Kola, Tambila, Nagaradhane, and Daivaradhane. Directed by Nithin Rai Kukkuvalli, the film is rich in cultural elements and deeply explores the heritage of the region.

Cast and Crew

The film features a talented cast including Ramesh Rai Kukkuvalli, Chethan Rai Mani, Deepak Rai Panaje, Roopashree Varkady, Dayananda Rai Battampadi, Bharath Shetty, Ravi Salian (Snehit), Sandeep Poojary, Pushparaj Bollar, Ranjan Bolar, Kaushik Rai Kunjadi, Deeksha D Rai, and Gratial Kaliyanda Kodagu. The music, composed by Nishan Rai Matandabettu, a disciple of Arjun Janya, adds depth to the film with lyrics by K K Pejawar and Sumant Byladi.

Technical Excellence

The film’s technical crew includes Arun Rai Puttur as the Director of Photography, Radhesh Rai Modappadi and Srinath Pawar in editing, and a host of other skilled professionals in various departments. The production design by Abhi and Charan, along with VFX by Nithin Kanavu, enhances the film’s visual appeal.

Box Office Info

The film is currently showing in multiple theatres across Mangaluru,Udupi including Roopavani, Bharat Cinemas, PVR, and Cinepolis, as well as other locations such as Suratkal, Padubidri, Manipal, Karkala, Puttur, and Beltangady. “Dharma Daiva” is expected to set a new benchmark in the Tulu film industry, shifting the focus from the predominantly comedy genre to more diverse and culturally rich storytelling.

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Dharma Daiva Movie Info
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3 days ago

Really awesome movie, story, direction, acting, everything amazing.
Must watch.


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