Darling Darling (2000) Malayalam Movie Review

Rating: 3.5/5

Overview: “Darling Darling” is a Malayalam-language comedy-drama film from 2000, directed by Rajasenan. The film features Dileep, Vineeth, and Kavya Madhavan in lead roles. Known for its entertaining love triangle plot, the movie has been appreciated for its engaging storyline and humor.

Plot Summary: The story follows Subhash Chandra Bose, also known as Kochu Kurup, who leaves his hometown after being mistaken for his friend’s lover. In Bangalore, he meets his friend Kartik (Aniyankutty), a wealthy womanizer. Pretending to be Kochu Kurup, Kartik falls for Shalini’s friend Pappi. A series of misunderstandings ensue, leading to Kochu Kurup and Kartik both vying for Pappi’s affection. The film navigates through their comedic and dramatic attempts to win her over, leading to an unexpected and heartfelt conclusion.

Performances: The performances by Dileep, Vineeth, and Kavya Madhavan are notable. Dileep brings charm to the naive yet determined Kochu Kurup, while Vineeth excels as the mischievous Kartik. Kavya Madhavan impresses with her portrayal of Pappi, striking a balance between innocence and strength.

Direction and Screenplay: Directed by Rajasenan, the film successfully combines comedy and drama. The screenplay by Udayakrishna and Siby K. Thomas is well-paced, ensuring the story remains engaging throughout.

Music: Ouseppachan’s music complements the film’s tone, enhancing both the emotional and comedic moments.

Cinematography and Editing: K. P. Nambiathiri’s cinematography captures the essence of the settings, while Sreekar Prasad’s editing maintains a smooth narrative flow.

Final Thoughts: “Darling Darling” is a delightful film that offers a perfect blend of humor and drama. With strong performances and an engaging storyline, it’s a must-watch for fans of Malayalam cinema.

Where to Watch: The movie is available on Hotstar.

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