Chilli Chicken Kannada Movie Review & Rating : Cine Sparsh

Story: “Chilli Chicken” is about Adarsh (played by Shrunga BV), who owns a small Chinese restaurant. He dreams of opening a fancy restaurant. The movie shows the lives of Adarsh and his five workers from North East India. The story gets exciting when one worker, Ajoy, has a strange accident. Adarsh tries hard to get a loan to improve his restaurant, and the workers also have their own dreams.

Performance: The acting in “Chilli Chicken” is really good. Shrunga BV does a great job as Adarsh. He shows how much Adarsh wants to succeed. The five workers from North East India, played by Bijou Thaangjam, Jimpa Sangpo Bhutia, Victor Thoudam, Tomthin Thockchom, and Harini Sunderrajan, also act very well. They speak Kannada nicely too.
Rating 3.25/5

Good Things: The movie talks about the problems that workers from North East India face, and it does this very well. There is a surprising twist in the story that keeps you interested. The relationship between Adarsh and his workers makes the story deep and meaningful.

Needs Improvement: The movie starts off well but gets confusing later. The ending is not as good as the beginning. The film also mentions issues like racism but doesn’t explain them much. Some parts of the characters’ stories are missing, making the story feel unfinished.

Overall: “Chilli Chicken,” directed by Prateek Prajosh, has an interesting story and good acting. But it doesn’t use all its good ideas well, so it feels like an average movie. The message about respect and acceptance is clear without being boring. The story of Adarsh and his workers is a mix of good and okay moments.

Conclusion: “Chilli Chicken” is a movie with an interesting story and good acting, but it could have been better. It’s a movie that starts strong but doesn’t finish as well. It’s worth watching for its strong start and important messages, but it may not be something you want to watch again and again.
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